TBTK::BasicState Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 BasicState (const Index &index, const Index &unitCellIndex={})
virtual ~BasicState ()
virtual BasicStateclone () const
void addOverlap (std::complex< double > overlap, const Index &braIndex, const Index &braRelativeUnitCell={})
void addMatrixElement (std::complex< double > matrixElement, const Index &bra, const Index &braRelativeUnitCell={})
virtual std::complex< double > getOverlap (const AbstractState &bra) const
virtual std::complex< double > getMatrixElement (const AbstractState &bra, const AbstractOperator &o=DefaultOperator()) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from TBTK::AbstractState
 AbstractState (StateID stateID)
virtual ~AbstractState ()
StateID getStateID () const
void setCoordinates (std::initializer_list< double > coordinates)
void setCoordinates (const std::vector< double > &coordinates)
void setSpecifiers (std::initializer_list< int > specifiers)
void setSpecifiers (const std::vector< int > &specifiers)
void setIndex (const Index &index)
void setContainer (const Index &container)
void setExtent (double extent)
const std::vector< double > & getCoordinates () const
const std::vector< int > & getSpecifiers () const
const IndexgetIndex () const
const IndexgetContainer () const
double getExtent () const
bool hasFiniteExtent () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from TBTK::AbstractState
enum  StateID { Basic = 0 }

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TBTK::BasicState::BasicState ( const Index index,
const Index unitCellIndex = {} 


virtual TBTK::BasicState::~BasicState ( )


Member Function Documentation

void TBTK::BasicState::addMatrixElement ( std::complex< double >  matrixElement,
const Index bra,
const Index braRelativeUnitCell = {} 

Add matrix element.

void TBTK::BasicState::addOverlap ( std::complex< double >  overlap,
const Index braIndex,
const Index braRelativeUnitCell = {} 

Add overlap.

virtual BasicState* TBTK::BasicState::clone ( ) const

Implements AbstracState::clone().

Implements TBTK::AbstractState.

virtual std::complex<double> TBTK::BasicState::getMatrixElement ( const AbstractState bra,
const AbstractOperator o = DefaultOperator() 
) const

Implements AbstractState::getMatrixElementWith().

Implements TBTK::AbstractState.

virtual std::complex<double> TBTK::BasicState::getOverlap ( const AbstractState bra) const

Implements AbstractState::getOverlapWith().

Implements TBTK::AbstractState.

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