TBTK::DualIndex Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for TBTK::DualIndex:

Public Member Functions

 DualIndex (const Index &index, const std::vector< double > &continuousIndex)
 ~DualIndex ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from TBTK::Index
 Index ()
 Index (std::initializer_list< int > i)
 Index (std::initializer_list< unsigned int > i)
 Index (std::vector< int > i)
 Index (std::vector< unsigned int > i)
 Index (const Index &index)
 Index (const Index &head, const Index &tail)
 Index (std::initializer_list< std::initializer_list< int >> indexList)
 Index (const std::vector< std::vector< int >> &indexList)
 Index (std::initializer_list< Index > indexList)
 Index (const std::string &indexString)
 Index (const std::string &serialization, Serializable::Mode mode)
bool equals (const Index &index, bool allowWildcard=false) const
int & at (unsigned int n)
const int & at (unsigned int n) const
unsigned int getSize () const
void reserve (unsigned int size)
void push_back (int subindex)
int popFront ()
int popBack ()
Index getUnitRange ()
Index getSubIndex (int first, int last) const
std::vector< Indexsplit () const
bool isPatternIndex () const
void print () const
std::string toString () const
int & operator[] (unsigned int subindex)
const int & operator[] (unsigned int subindex) const
std::string serialize (Serializable::Mode mode) const
unsigned int getSizeInBytes () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TBTK::DualIndex::DualIndex ( const Index index,
const std::vector< double > &  continuousIndex 


TBTK::DualIndex::~DualIndex ( )


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