TBTK::Solver::SelfEnergy Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 SelfEnergy (const MomentumSpaceContext &momentumSpaceContext, const Property::InteractionVertex &interactionVertex)
 ~SelfEnergy ()
const MomentumSpaceContextgetMomentumSpaceContext () const
const Property::InteractionVertexgetInteractionVertex () const
void init ()
std::vector< std::complex< double > > calculateSelfEnergy (const Index &index, const std::vector< std::complex< double >> &energies)
std::vector< std::complex< double > > calculateSelfEnergySelfConsistently (unsigned int numMatsubaraFrequencies, const std::vector< std::complex< double >> &energies)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TBTK::Solver::Solver
 Solver ()
virtual ~Solver ()
virtual void setModel (Model &model)
ModelgetModel ()
const ModelgetModel () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TBTK::Solver::SelfEnergy::SelfEnergy ( const MomentumSpaceContext momentumSpaceContext,
const Property::InteractionVertex interactionVertex 


TBTK::Solver::SelfEnergy::~SelfEnergy ( )


Member Function Documentation

std::vector<std::complex<double> > TBTK::Solver::SelfEnergy::calculateSelfEnergy ( const Index index,
const std::vector< std::complex< double >> &  energies 

Set the energies for which the self-energy should be calculated. Calculate self-energy. Calculate self-energy.

std::vector<std::complex<double> > TBTK::Solver::SelfEnergy::calculateSelfEnergySelfConsistently ( unsigned int  numMatsubaraFrequencies,
const std::vector< std::complex< double >> &  energies 

Calculate self-energy self-consistently.

const Property::InteractionVertex & TBTK::Solver::SelfEnergy::getInteractionVertex ( ) const

Get the InteractionVertex.

The InteractionVertex.
const MomentumSpaceContext & TBTK::Solver::SelfEnergy::getMomentumSpaceContext ( ) const

Get momentum cpsace context.

void TBTK::Solver::SelfEnergy::init ( )

Initialize the SelfEnergyCalculator.

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