TBTK::DataManagerFrame Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for TBTK::DataManagerFrame:

Public Member Functions

 DataManagerFrame (wxWindow *parent)
 ~DataManagerFrame ()
void setDataManager (const DataManager *dataManager, bool isOwner=false)
void onPaintEvent (wxPaintEvent &event)
void onSizeEvent (wxSizeEvent &event)
void onMenuFileOpen (wxCommandEvent &event)
void onMenuFileQuit (wxCommandEvent &event)
void onMenuHelpAbout (wxCommandEvent &event)
void onCheckboxEvent (wxCommandEvent &event)
void onSliderChange (wxScrollEvent &event)

Protected Member Functions


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TBTK::DataManagerFrame::DataManagerFrame ( wxWindow *  parent)


TBTK::DataManagerFrame::~DataManagerFrame ( )


Member Function Documentation

void TBTK::DataManagerFrame::onCheckboxEvent ( wxCommandEvent &  event)

On checkbox event.

void TBTK::DataManagerFrame::onMenuFileOpen ( wxCommandEvent &  event)

On menu->file->open.

void TBTK::DataManagerFrame::onMenuFileQuit ( wxCommandEvent &  event)

On menu->file->quit.

void TBTK::DataManagerFrame::onMenuHelpAbout ( wxCommandEvent &  event)

On menu->help->about.

void TBTK::DataManagerFrame::onPaintEvent ( wxPaintEvent &  event)

On paint event.

void TBTK::DataManagerFrame::onSizeEvent ( wxSizeEvent &  event)

On size event.

void TBTK::DataManagerFrame::onSliderChange ( wxScrollEvent &  event)

On slider change.

void TBTK::DataManagerFrame::setDataManager ( const DataManager dataManager,
bool  isOwner = false 

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