TBTK::GPUResourceManager Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for TBTK::GPUResourceManager:

Public Member Functions

int getNumDevices ()
int allocateDevice ()
void freeDevice (int device)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TBTK::Communicator
 Communicator (bool verbose)
void setVerbose (bool verbose)
bool getVerbose () const

Static Public Member Functions

static GPUResourceManagergetInstance ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from TBTK::Communicator
static void setGlobalVerbose (bool globalVerbose)
static bool getGlobalVerbose ()

Member Function Documentation

int TBTK::GPUResourceManager::allocateDevice ( )

Allocate GPU device.

void TBTK::GPUResourceManager::freeDevice ( int  device)

Free GPU device.

static GPUResourceManager& TBTK::GPUResourceManager::getInstance ( )

Get singleton instance.

int TBTK::GPUResourceManager::getNumDevices ( )

Get number of GPU devices.

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