TBTK::HoppingAmplitudeSet::Iterator Class Reference

#include <HoppingAmplitudeSet.h>

Public Member Functions

 Iterator (const Iterator &iterator)
 Iterator (Iterator &&iterator)
 ~Iterator ()
Iteratoroperator= (const Iterator &rhs)
Iteratoroperator= (Iterator &&rhs)
void reset ()
void searchNextHA ()
const HoppingAmplitudegetHA () const
int getMinBasisIndex () const
int getMaxBasisIndex () const
int getNumBasisIndices () const


class HoppingAmplitudeSet

Detailed Description

Iterator for iterating through HoppingAmplitudes .

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TBTK::HoppingAmplitudeSet::Iterator::Iterator ( const Iterator iterator)

Copy constructor.

TBTK::HoppingAmplitudeSet::Iterator::Iterator ( Iterator &&  iterator)

Move constructor.

TBTK::HoppingAmplitudeSet::Iterator::~Iterator ( )


Member Function Documentation

const HoppingAmplitude* TBTK::HoppingAmplitudeSet::Iterator::getHA ( ) const

Get current HoppingAmplitude.

int TBTK::HoppingAmplitudeSet::Iterator::getMaxBasisIndex ( ) const

Get maximum index.

int TBTK::HoppingAmplitudeSet::Iterator::getMinBasisIndex ( ) const

Get minimum index.

int TBTK::HoppingAmplitudeSet::Iterator::getNumBasisIndices ( ) const

Get number of basis indices.

Iterator& TBTK::HoppingAmplitudeSet::Iterator::operator= ( const Iterator rhs)

Assignment operator.

Iterator& TBTK::HoppingAmplitudeSet::Iterator::operator= ( Iterator &&  rhs)

Move assignment operator.

void TBTK::HoppingAmplitudeSet::Iterator::reset ( )

Reset iterator.

void TBTK::HoppingAmplitudeSet::Iterator::searchNextHA ( )

Iterate to next HoppingAmplitude.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class HoppingAmplitudeSet

The iterator can only be constructed by the HoppingAmplitudeSet.

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