TBTK::LadderOperator< BIT_REGISTER > Class Template Reference

Public Types

enum  Type { Creation, Annihilation }

Public Member Functions

 LadderOperator (Type type, Statistics statistics, const HoppingAmplitudeSet *hoppingAmplitudeSet, unsigned int state, unsigned int numBitsPerState, unsigned int maxOccupation, const FockState< BIT_REGISTER > &templateState, const BIT_REGISTER &fermionMask)
 ~LadderOperator ()
Type getType () const
const Index getPhysicalIndex () const
unsigned int getState () const
unsigned int getNumParticles (const FockState< BIT_REGISTER > &fockState) const
FockState< BIT_REGISTER > & operator* (FockState< BIT_REGISTER > &rhs) const

Member Enumeration Documentation

template<typename BIT_REGISTER>
enum TBTK::LadderOperator::Type

Operator type.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename BIT_REGISTER >
TBTK::LadderOperator< BIT_REGISTER >::LadderOperator ( Type  type,
Statistics  statistics,
const HoppingAmplitudeSet hoppingAmplitudeSet,
unsigned int  state,
unsigned int  numBitsPerState,
unsigned int  maxOccupation,
const FockState< BIT_REGISTER > &  templateState,
const BIT_REGISTER &  fermionMask 


template<typename BIT_REGISTER >
TBTK::LadderOperator< BIT_REGISTER >::~LadderOperator ( )


Member Function Documentation

template<typename BIT_REGISTER >
unsigned int TBTK::LadderOperator< BIT_REGISTER >::getNumParticles ( const FockState< BIT_REGISTER > &  fockState) const

Get number of particles in the associated state.

template<typename BIT_REGISTER >
const Index TBTK::LadderOperator< BIT_REGISTER >::getPhysicalIndex ( ) const

Get physical Index of associated single-particle state.

template<typename BIT_REGISTER >
unsigned int TBTK::LadderOperator< BIT_REGISTER >::getState ( ) const

Get associated single-particle state.

template<typename BIT_REGISTER >
LadderOperator< BIT_REGISTER >::Type TBTK::LadderOperator< BIT_REGISTER >::getType ( ) const

Get type.

template<typename BIT_REGISTER >
FockState< BIT_REGISTER > & TBTK::LadderOperator< BIT_REGISTER >::operator* ( FockState< BIT_REGISTER > &  rhs) const

Multiplication operator.

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