TBTK::ParameterSet Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 ParameterSet ()
 ~ParameterSet ()
void addInt (std::string name, int value)
void addDouble (std::string name, double value)
void addComplex (std::string name, std::complex< double > value)
void addString (std::string name, std::string value)
void addBool (std::string name, bool value)
void setInt (std::string name, int value)
void setDouble (std::string name, double value)
void setComplex (std::string name, std::complex< double > value)
void setString (std::string name, std::string value)
void setBool (std::string name, bool value)
int getInt (std::string name) const
double getDouble (std::string name) const
std::complex< double > getComplex (std::string name) const
std::string getString (std::string name) const
bool getBool (std::string name) const
int getNumInt () const
int getNumDouble () const
int getNumComplex () const
int getNumString () const
int getNumBool () const
std::string getIntName (int n) const
std::string getDoubleName (int n) const
std::string getComplexName (int n) const
std::string getStringName (int n) const
std::string getBoolName (int n) const
int getIntValue (int n) const
double getDoubleValue (int n) const
std::complex< double > getComplexValue (int n) const
std::string getStringValue (int n) const
bool getBoolValue (int n) const
bool intExists (std::string name) const
bool doubleExists (std::string name) const
bool complexExists (std::string name) const
bool stringExists (std::string name) const
bool boolExists (std::string name) const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TBTK::ParameterSet::ParameterSet ( )


TBTK::ParameterSet::~ParameterSet ( )


Member Function Documentation

void TBTK::ParameterSet::addBool ( std::string  name,
bool  value 

Add boolean parameter.

void TBTK::ParameterSet::addComplex ( std::string  name,
std::complex< double >  value 

Add complex parameter.

void TBTK::ParameterSet::addDouble ( std::string  name,
double  value 

Add double parameter.

void TBTK::ParameterSet::addInt ( std::string  name,
int  value 

Add integer parameter.

void TBTK::ParameterSet::addString ( std::string  name,
std::string  value 

Add string parameter.

bool TBTK::ParameterSet::boolExists ( std::string  name) const

Returns true if an boolean parameter with given name exists.

bool TBTK::ParameterSet::complexExists ( std::string  name) const

Returns true if a complex parameter with given name exists.

bool TBTK::ParameterSet::doubleExists ( std::string  name) const

Returns true if a double parameter with given name exists.

bool TBTK::ParameterSet::getBool ( std::string  name) const

Get boolean parameter.

std::string TBTK::ParameterSet::getBoolName ( int  n) const

Get booleanname.

bool TBTK::ParameterSet::getBoolValue ( int  n) const

Get boolean value.

std::complex<double> TBTK::ParameterSet::getComplex ( std::string  name) const

Get complex parameter.

std::string TBTK::ParameterSet::getComplexName ( int  n) const

Get complex name.

std::complex<double> TBTK::ParameterSet::getComplexValue ( int  n) const

Get complex value.

double TBTK::ParameterSet::getDouble ( std::string  name) const

Get double parameter.

std::string TBTK::ParameterSet::getDoubleName ( int  n) const

Get double name.

double TBTK::ParameterSet::getDoubleValue ( int  n) const

Get double value.

int TBTK::ParameterSet::getInt ( std::string  name) const

Get integer parameter.

std::string TBTK::ParameterSet::getIntName ( int  n) const

Get integer name.

int TBTK::ParameterSet::getIntValue ( int  n) const

Get integer value.

int TBTK::ParameterSet::getNumBool ( ) const

Get number of boolean parameters.

int TBTK::ParameterSet::getNumComplex ( ) const

Get number of complex parameters.

int TBTK::ParameterSet::getNumDouble ( ) const

Get number of double parameters.

int TBTK::ParameterSet::getNumInt ( ) const

Get number of integer parameters.

int TBTK::ParameterSet::getNumString ( ) const

Get number of string parameters.

std::string TBTK::ParameterSet::getString ( std::string  name) const

Get string parameter.

std::string TBTK::ParameterSet::getStringName ( int  n) const

Get string name.

std::string TBTK::ParameterSet::getStringValue ( int  n) const

Get string value.

bool TBTK::ParameterSet::intExists ( std::string  name) const

Returns true if an integer parameter with given name exists.

void TBTK::ParameterSet::setBool ( std::string  name,
bool  value 

Change boolean parameter.

void TBTK::ParameterSet::setComplex ( std::string  name,
std::complex< double >  value 

Change complex parameter.

void TBTK::ParameterSet::setDouble ( std::string  name,
double  value 

Change double parameter.

void TBTK::ParameterSet::setInt ( std::string  name,
int  value 

Change integer parameter.

void TBTK::ParameterSet::setString ( std::string  name,
std::string  value 

Change string parameter.

bool TBTK::ParameterSet::stringExists ( std::string  name) const

Returns true if an string parameter with given name exists.

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