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TBTK::Property::Property Class Reference

Abstract Property class. More...

#include <Property.h>

Inheritance diagram for TBTK::Property::Property:
TBTK::Property::AbstractProperty< double > TBTK::Property::AbstractProperty< SpinMatrix > TBTK::Property::AbstractProperty< std::complex< double > > TBTK::Property::AbstractProperty< DataType > TBTK::Property::EnergyResolvedProperty< double > TBTK::Property::Density TBTK::Property::EigenValues TBTK::Property::EnergyResolvedProperty< SpinMatrix > TBTK::Property::Magnetization TBTK::Property::EnergyResolvedProperty< std::complex< double > > TBTK::Property::WaveFunctions TBTK::Property::EnergyResolvedProperty< DataType >

Protected Member Functions

 Property ()
virtual ~Property ()

Detailed Description

Abstract Property class.

Base class for AbstractProperty that allows for any Property to be referenced using the same base class. See AbstractProperty for more details about Properties.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Property()

TBTK::Property::Property::Property ( )

Constructs an uninitialized AbstractProperty.

◆ ~Property()

virtual TBTK::Property::Property::~Property ( )


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