TBTK::SourceAmplitudeSet::Iterator Class Reference

#include <SourceAmplitudeSet.h>

Public Member Functions

 Iterator (const Iterator &iterator)
 Iterator (Iterator &&iterator)
 ~Iterator ()
Iteratoroperator= (const Iterator &rhs)
Iteratoroperator= (Iterator &&rhs)
void reset ()
void searchNext ()
const SourceAmplitudegetSourceAmplitude () const

Detailed Description

Iterator for iterating through the SourceAmplitudes .

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TBTK::SourceAmplitudeSet::Iterator::Iterator ( const Iterator iterator)

Copy constructor.

TBTK::SourceAmplitudeSet::Iterator::Iterator ( Iterator &&  iterator)

Move constructor.

TBTK::SourceAmplitudeSet::Iterator::~Iterator ( )


Member Function Documentation

const SourceAmplitude* TBTK::SourceAmplitudeSet::Iterator::getSourceAmplitude ( ) const

Get current HoppingAmplitude.

Iterator& TBTK::SourceAmplitudeSet::Iterator::operator= ( const Iterator rhs)

Assignment operator.

Iterator& TBTK::SourceAmplitudeSet::Iterator::operator= ( Iterator &&  rhs)

Move assignment operator.

void TBTK::SourceAmplitudeSet::Iterator::reset ( )

Reset iterator.

void TBTK::SourceAmplitudeSet::Iterator::searchNext ( )

Iterate to next HoppingAmplitude.

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