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TBTK::Streams Class Reference

#include <Streams.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static void setStdMuteOut ()
static void setStdMuteErr ()
static void openLog (std::string filename="TBTKLog")
static void closeLog ()
static bool logIsOpen ()

Static Public Attributes

static std::ostream out
static std::ostream log
static std::ostream err

Detailed Description

Streams for TBTK output.

The Streams class provides global functions for streaming text output. By default the information is written to stdout and atderr, but the Streams class allows for more customized output. All text output from TBTK is written through the Stream interface, and can therefore be customized through it.


This is the standard output in TBTK. By default, information written to Streams::out is forwarded to std::cout and Streams::log.


This is the error output in TBTK. By default, information written to Streams::err is forwarded to std::err and Streams::log.


This is the logged output in TBTK. By default, the log does not write to anything. However, The two commands



can be used to open and close a log file to which everything is written.

When the log is opened, a time stamp, version number, and git hash for the currently installed version of TBTK is added to the output. Similarly, a time stamp is added when the log is closed. This makes it easy to document the exact setup used to perform a calculation and provides a way for ensuring that the results will be possible to reproduce any time in the future.

Member Function Documentation

◆ closeLog()

static void TBTK::Streams::closeLog ( )

Close log.

◆ logIsOpen()

static bool TBTK::Streams::logIsOpen ( )

Returns true if the standard log file is open.

◆ openLog()

static void TBTK::Streams::openLog ( std::string  filename = "TBTKLog")

Open log.

filenameThe filename of the log file.

◆ setStdMuteErr()

static void TBTK::Streams::setStdMuteErr ( )

Mute error stream.

◆ setStdMuteOut()

static void TBTK::Streams::setStdMuteOut ( )

Mute output stream.

Member Data Documentation

◆ err

std::ostream TBTK::Streams::err

Error output stream.

◆ log

std::ostream TBTK::Streams::log

Detailed log output stream.

◆ out

std::ostream TBTK::Streams::out

Standard output stream.

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