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TBTK Directory Reference


file  Boolean.h [code]
 Boolean number.
file  BoundaryCondition.h [code]
 A set of HoppingAmplitudes , a SourceAmplitude, and an elimination Index, which together form a single linear equation that can be used to eliminate an Index from a larger set of linear equations.
file  Geometry.h [code]
 Contains geometric inforamtion about a Model.
file  HoppingAmplitude.h [code]
 Hopping amplitude from state 'from' to state 'to'.
file  HoppingAmplitudeList.h [code]
 List of HoppingAmplitudes .
file  HoppingAmplitudeSet.h [code]
 HoppingAmplitude container.
file  HoppingAmplitudeTree.h [code]
 Node in tree used by HoppingAmplitudeSet to store HoppingAmplitudes .
file  Index.h [code]
 Physical index.
file  IndexTree.h [code]
 Data structure for mapping physical indices to a linear index.
file  Integer.h [code]
 Integer number.
file  MatrixElement.h [code]
 Alias for HoppingAmplitude.
file  Model.h [code]
 Container of Model related information.
file  Natural.h [code]
 Natural number.
file  OverlapAmplitude.h [code]
 Overlap amplitude between state 'bra' and 'ket'.
file  OverlapAmplitudeSet.h [code]
 OverlapAmplitude container.
file  SingleParticleContext.h [code]
 The context for the single particle part of a Model.
file  SourceAmplitude.h [code]
 Source amplitude for equations with a source term.
file  SourceAmplitudeSet.h [code]
 SourceAmplitude container.
file  Statistics.h [code]
 Enum class for Fermi-Dirac and Bose-Einstein statistics.
file  Subindex.h [code]
 An entry in an Index.
file  TBTK.h [code]
 TBTK initialization.